Sunday, 8 December 2019

Misbegotten - political satire poems

The Great Plains of Ertia wield the largest club
Reassures them, but doesn't encourage deep thought
When tiny states or even tribes seem a threat
The Great Plains respond - A Crusade to be fought

And send their young males on a cultural mission
'You, imitate pop stars on top of that tank.'
An impromptu performance with backing tape
'You could be president' (with a billion to bank)

The agreements and laws? They no longer apply
Coalition decided which rules shall be read
After private meetings - the boss and 'free states'
One must wonder what was privately said.

Every single time this goes awry
And then the Great Plains seem to learn
About the 'tribes'' beliefs and customs
There's more to life than what you earn

When men and boys return in coffins
Some Ertians have to take the flak
'Secretaries' changed; the boss concedes
'We made mistakes.' So that's all right
We are living in Ertia

Millions of
Voters stood
In midday dusk,
In city centres
In garishly coloured
Clothes. They waved
Placards and petitions scribed in
ink. Sent
emails and formed
forums, and howled in perfect harmony
at 'tiny ears', their leader.
We were living in Ertia

Another tribe is misbehaving
A fortnight's passed, so we've forgotten
We ARE God's chosen, let's crusade
'You, on that tank. Sing 'Misbegotten'.'

There's something in power
Evicts love from the house
Please God, Goddess, Allah
Make us envy the mouse.

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