Wednesday, 24 April 2019

hope in politics?

In case anyone is weary of the never ending lies and personal ambitions of "British" "politicians" (*).
Join the Remain alliance, urges Change UK at Euro election launch
the Remain alliance
We'll end with some good news! But first:

In 2018, Boris Johnson was divorced - his wife citing infidelity.

The marriage to Wheeler was Johnson’s second; he had a short-lived marriage to Allegra Mostyn-Owen, whom he met at university.

 The relationship was the subject of regular newspaper reports about his alleged infidelity, often denied by Johnson.

What is the good news?

1. His wife has escaped.

2. His sister is standing for the European parliament, and political reform

So there is room for HOPE, Nirvana awaits ...

(* As they take their £millions off shore, and don't really serve the population or the place - please excuse the proliferation of inverted commas ).

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