Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Healthy Food & exercise impacting insulin resistance and Alzheimers

insulin resistant diet
Interesting and alarming research published by experimental neurologists demonstrates a link between insulin resistance (typically increased by Western diet and insufficient exercise) and memory impairment.

The study's authors conclude:

Our results show that insulin resistance, a prevalent and increasingly common condition in developed countries, is associated with significantly lower regional cerebral glucose metabolism, which in turn may predict worse memory performance. Mid-life may be a critical period for initiating treatments to lower peripheral insulin resistance to maintain neural metabolism and cognitive function.

They aren't allowed to express unproven personal views, but I am! The enemies of health in middle age are the armchair, advertised processed foods and the TV.

150 participants with a median age of 60.7 years were studied.

Exercise as Medicine

Exercise is medicine cartoon
Exercise is medicine

exercise is the equal best medicine for mental health, brain health, obesity, diabetes, etc.

But motivation can be difficult to maintain.

It's much easier when it's routine:

5 minutes weights while tea is cooking, walking to your favourite healthyfood shop (the other medicine!).

Make a list of all the forms of exercise you've ever enjoyed ... it will be surprisingly lengthy :)

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