Tuesday, 14 July 2015

We the sheeple....

Rap video We the Sheeple satire of GMO monopoly tyrants Monsanto with on screen lyrics

anti GMO rap lyrics
'We the Sheeple of Amerika' by Payday Monsanto aka Payze Duez (www.myspace.com/payze) with lyrics added to the video.

This is not my song, I'm merely a fan. One or two words might be wrong but, meh, had to do it by ear. Enjoy :)

typical comment

It's so true. This is just how many people are. So many people are waking up to some extent and that is awesome. More will as time goes on. Some want to live life with their heads in the sand. I don't care about them. They deserve their fate.


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  1. Good lyrics. I thought I'd commented on this last week ... senior moment!

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