Friday, 28 August 2015

cosmological standard model news

It's about time there was an upset in theoretical physics. Sadly, the cosmological standard model seems to have become dogma in much the same way as other theories over the millenia.

 Several news stories, a positive flurry in fact, have emerged over the last few month:
  Dark matter theory challenged by gassy galaxies result

25 February 2011 Dark matter may solve 'radio filaments' mystery

29 June 2011 Is the Large Hadron Collider closing in on Higgs particle?25 July 2011. Maybe not, say more recent stories: Dwarf galaxies suggest dark matter theory may be wrong

16 September 2011 Dark matter hinted at again at Cresst experiment 7 September 2011 Personally, I liked the era when cosmological experiments sent photographic plates up in helium balloons, saw the fancy tracks made by charged partciles, then adjourned to the pub/bath/sauna/swimming pool to ponder the meaning of it all ... and created highly original mathematical theories to try to model their ideas.

LD don't panic ... you don't need to make one in your garden :)   Fundamental Physics news

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