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creating healthy eating habits for children

The site has a section dedicated to childrens eating habits


They have identified a 3 part strategy to help children develop good habits and knowledge of healthy nutrition. This involves being with the parent(s) during all 3 stages of food from the shop (or garden) to the table.
healthy eating habits for children

1. Involving the children in the decisions one makes at the food store. What is a good buy, and why.

2. Involving the children in preparing  food. Why do we cook chicken, and not cook lettuce? How do we make food more interesting in the kitchen?

3. Eating is a more positive experience if it is given our attention. This means choosing where and how to eat. Picnics, dining table, sitting or standing. Some people digest food better if they are on a high chair or standing. The worst option is on the couch in front of the TV.
healthy food for children

Becoming interested in food transforms a chore (we have to eat) into a pleasure.

There's a good post here by an american working as an au pair in France.


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  1. 20% of #children in #Dundee classed as #obese. Remedy is 5 simple #diet rules. …

  2. Children's nutrition - health programs in Jamaica

    Jamaica Feed the youth right!

    Proper nutrition and the delivery of health-care services have been identified as two critical elements required for the improvement of quality of life for Jamaica's children as the island marks Child Month.

    Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Floyd Green says Jamaica can reduce the number of children with obesity by paying attention to what they eat and by ensuring that exercise becomes a way of life for them.

    "The Government will have to work with parents and caregivers in that regard, and intends to embark on a number of initiatives, including the strengthening of the school-feeding programme to ensure that students get at least one nutritious meal a day," Green told The Sunday Gleaner.

  3. children Aleppo and socialmedia - Young girl who tweeted from Aleppo asks Trump to help Syrian children children news

    On her own @FatemahAlabed Twitter account, Fatemah posted a picture of the handwritten letter where the young girl introduces herself to Trump as "part of the Syrian children who suffered from the Syrian war".

    "...Can you please save the children and people of Syria? You must do something for the children of Syria because they are like your children and deserve peace like you," the letter reads.

    "If you promise me you will do something for the children of Syria, I am already your new friend."

  4. #healthyfood habits especially for #children

    Kajol is the kind of mother who is deeply and keenly aware of what her children eat and lays down the law when it comes to eating.

    At a recent event for children in Delhi, she underscored the need to establish certain restrictions when it comes to eating.

    As a mother of two — daughter Nysa (13) and son Yug (6), she believes a certain degree of discipline is required.

    Kajol said, “My husband Ajay and I don’t have any hard-and-fast rules for our children.

    Through the week, we eat regular food and then, over the weekend, we order whatever we want and have our cheat days.”

    How the children eat...

    She went on to share her two children’s different eating habits, despite them having a similar upbringing.

    She said, “For Yug, the food has to smell good and taste good whereas for Nysa, it’s about the presentation; the food has to look good.

    With Yug, it has to be expensive and it has to be without vegetables.

    "I manage to feed him veggies by hiding them.”

    Admitting that children pick up their eating habits from their parents, she said that she and Ajay have always been good examples, in that respect.

    She does not consume any aerated drinks.

    She emphasises that when it comes to eating, parents need to teach their children what is good and what is bad.

    It is a constant battle, but her children are pretty honest with her.

    When they don’t finish their tiffin boxes — which have home-cooked food — they tell her.

    Making children eat the right way is a constant battle and Kajol said that “I don’t think there is any mother who doesn’t run behind their kids about food and stuff like that.

    But yes, not to that extent now.”

    As far as the struggle to eating healthy goes, she laughed and concluded, “The struggle is lifelong.

    I’m still struggling to not eat a pizza today.”

    full story

  5. #healthyfood habits for #children's #education.

    Most important - turn off the TV


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