Sunday, 30 August 2015

Democracy and money. Education and SocialMedia enable poor people

This video is Part 1 of Lawrence Lessig on the role of money in American (western) "democracy" and politics.

race, religion, money, politics=mere ideas, but divide us Lawrence Lessig on Institutional Corruption part1 Congress

Talk begins at about 14 minutes:
 1. Those in power could care less who gets the votes, so long as they can choose the candidates.

2. Those in power, in the USA, spend upwards of 30% of their time in office conferring with their financial backers.

3. 0.05 % of Americans have enough money or power to influence the choice of candidates.

4. Most corruption is not illegal, and quite probably wasn't planned. The domination of choosing who becomes candidates by the very rich has evolved, along with extreme wealth in the hands of the few, because it hasn't been challenged ... until now.

5. The common corruption in USA in government is an improper dependence of those in power on the source of their funds.

 6. A polarised (Republican v Democrat) 2 party system; BOTH of which have funded representatives that can VETO laws they don't like makes a mockery of alleged democracy. 

7. In 2014, 7% of American citizens have confidence in congress. An all-time low. Enjoy!

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  1. #Trump ... alias Frankentrump, #USA. The republican party have created the monster they deserve.

    But can anyone win the USA presidential auction (election .. haha) without either taking bribes from corporation ... or being assassinated?

    Liberals, for their part, now have a pretty good idea who they’ll be facing in November, and are discussing which of the two Democratic candidates can better take him on. Some are making the case that the best opponent to Trump is not Hillary Clinton, but Sanders, who, like Trump, is an insurgent populist candidate. Glenn Greenwald writes at The Intercept: “While it’s undoubtedly true that racism and ethno-nationalism are significant factors in Trump’s appeal, also quite significant is a pervasive, long-standing contempt for the political establishment, combined with enduring rage at Wall Street and corporate America, which — along with the bipartisan agenda of globalization and free trade — have spawned intense economic suffering and deprivation among a huge number of Americans.”

    via Minds Open

  2. #democracy, and where power and #wealth really concentrate

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