Friday, 14 August 2015

Diet and obesity

Research reported by shows that not all types of calorie restriction are equal. Cutting fat intake resulted in greater fat reduction in the participants than cutting carbohydrates. In the reduced fat intake diet, calories were metabolised by both fat and carbohydrate sources in equal measure.

This is interesting research, but hardly prescribes a full solution for people suffering from obesity and the related illnesses that it creates.

Boredom, advertising, TV, sedentary employment, every journey made by car, peer group habits are all obstacles.

Turning cooking into an art, endless hobbies (example herb garden), walking whenever possible, exercise and health related movement at home (yoga, tai chi, pilates) all help. So would the ceremonial sacrifice of the TV ... but don't hold your breath :)

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  2. #diet #health and #obesity: the “everything in moderation” approach leads to problems -

    Marcia Otto, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Texas explains she’s long been intrigued by the “everything in moderation” philosophy which arose in the 1930s when there was a relatively limited number of food choices available.

    “Back then people ate a lot of starches, such as corn and potatoes,” she says. “So the concern was that, unless they were taught to eat a more diverse diet, they wouldn’t get the nutrients needed.”

    But no one ever tested this theory that eating lots of different foods is good for your health until Otto decided to examine diet diversity in 5,160 people.

    She followed her subjects for five years and tracked changes in, among other things, their waist circumference.

    What she found was that those who ate a large number of different types of foods experienced no appreciable health benefits. In fact, they tended to gain more weight than those who ate fewer kinds of foods.

    Her conclusion:

    “Find what you like that’s healthy, and stick with it.”

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