Thursday, 27 August 2015

Food for Free - Richard Mabey

Food for Free - Richard Mabey In good condition for its age. Paperback. Food for Free - Richard Mabey In 1972 Richard Mabey wrote the seminal book “Food for Free,” recently re-released in a revised version.  Sadly the new version is not as good as some of the imitators that have emerged since.

 Many of the illustrations are completely redundant - rolling hills to illustrate autumn, for example.

 All we really want is pictures of the edible plants. But the book’s principal failing is that the pictures are not really adequate to unerringly identify the variety of plant in question rather than a cousin.

 The book needs a “not to be confused with” section alongside each item, to give the typical user the confidence in what he or she is picking. Mabey’s advantage is his long relationship with the subject.


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