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Craig Ogden – Guitar

Craig Ogden - CD, photos, biography and videos

Craig Ogden is Principal Lecturer in Guitar at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.
Craig Ogden, guitar

Australian born guitarist Craig Ogden is one of the world’s finest classical acoustic guitarists, with a laid back, effortless, naturally brilliant approach to playing guitar. He has had an amazing year so far, scoring a number one album with his album, 'The Guitarist'.

Craig Ogden studied guitar from the age of seven and percussion from the age of thirteen and in 2004 he was honoured by the Royal Northern College of Music with a Fellowship in recognition of his achievements.

Craig Ogden 'Memories of the Alhambra'

Classical guitar player Craig Ogden plays 'Memories of the Alhambra' live on QVC to promote his new album 'The Guitarist'

Craig Ogden - The Guitarist CD

A typical review:

I love this album. It has a lovely mix of recognisable pieces and I listened to it a few times over when I first got it - it's mellow and relaxing and perfect for the summer. I am going to get several copies to give as gifts as I have a few family birthdays over the summer.

Craig Ogden - The Guitarist

Tunes on the CD:

1. Memories Of Alhambra
2. Ashokan Farewell
3. Moonlight Sonata
4. Canon In D Major
5. Clair De Lune
6. Hallelujah
7. Scarborough Fair
8. Pirates Of The Caribbean – Theme
9. Le Onde
10. Siciliana
11. Romance No. 1
12. Simple Seranade
13. Lough Caragh
14. If She Loves Me Not
15. Chrysalis
16. Birds Flew Over The Spire
17. Romance No. 2
18. Canarios
19. Rondo Rodeo
20. Waltzing Matilda


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