Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Individual freedom versus corporations

I asked my pal in Illinois why the area he lives is so sparsely populated and yet Chicago (the nearest very big city) is bursting at the seams:

"They move to the city for jobs, but ...

Even the city jobs are few. America isn't what the rest of the world envisions it to be any more. I just read an article recently which said Americans need to realize that the 'golden' age of America is over. Many, many people live in poverty...homelessness is on the rise...food banks are needed everywhere...many children are lucky to have one meal per day...and that's the meal they get at school.

advertising homelessness

All of the good paying jobs have gone to China or other countries who pay their workers poorly. Our workers need to make $25.00 an hour just to live a basic life. Most people here just get by. Our school system is failing....our government is failing....my State is bankrupt....the list goes on and on. Just like all of the great empires...America is in decline and will cease to function at all .... at an alarming rate from what I can see. I feel sorry for the children of today. For most of them a job will be at a Sprawlmart (Walmart!) making a low wage and living in one room."

Same here, I fear. Except the minimum wage is barely £7 an hour. Both the state and people are in debt - that's where the money goes. I can practically live on fresh air, because I have no debts and make virtually everything I need, though the council taxed me a fortune in 'council tax' while I had any savings.

I share your concern for children. The most responsible couples are seriously doubting whether they can have children, and nanny the state supports the resolutely useless ...

One of the good things about poverty is the chance to realise you can do nearly everything yourself.

For their physical and mental health, people need to to have fulfilling, creative lives. The Corporatocracy, and the even more sinister trillionaires that control them (and control the financial institutions) want mindless, alienated, obedient drones putting bolt B into nut C2 127 times a minute until the factory hooter goes. Then the drones can be brainwashed by advertainment on TV until it's time for their bedtime cocoa/prozac.

Fortunately we have the internet whereby the non-rich can freely share information, ideas, support and creativity. I have no doubt that the ultra-rich will attempt to monopolise the internet ...


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pete said...

#freedom versus #money
the pathologically wealthy need medical intervention ...

poverty news said...

#poverty is greatest challenge to humanity, says Vatican's UN nuncio

Archbishop Bernardito Auza said that the world must also end conflicts and violence, which are major contributors to poverty. He added that poverty is the greatest challenge to humanity.

He made the comments during a presentation on February 6 to a meeting of the UN Commission for Social Development.

“As we know far too well, millions of people currently find themselves living amid conflicts, fuelled by senseless violence, hatred and fear,” Archbishop Auza said.

“Even in places that we once considered secure, lack of opportunity and the economic and social strains caused by global insecurity and forced migrations have left the world less stable and in desperate need of concrete signs of hope.”

He called on the UN and its member states to go move beyond addressing economic poverty and to develop policies and investments “that people can see and touch” to tackle social and spiritual poverty as well.

We must work to provide young people with education, jobs and opportunities that encourage their personal growth and provide them a place in society to make meaningful contributions.

Such investments would help youth to know “they are valued and belong” and “will not fall prey to extremist ideologies.”

Sustainable development practices also should include migrants, refugees and displaced people.

poverty cure said...

#Wealthy countries turn their backs on leading anti #poverty solution: #Migrants sending home paycheck.

The amount of money sent home by migrants and refugees from developing countries exceeds foreign aid – making migration a powerful anti-poverty tool.

Despite this overwhelming evidence, countries are shutting their doors to foreigners. The effort by Western governments to limit the entry of migrants and refugees is fueled by nationalism and rising inequality … and a fair amount of misinformation.

“Migration is overwhelmingly beneficial but there are some costs that bias public perceptions towards the negative,” Dilip Ratha, the head of the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development, said in a statement.

“As the global community prepares to define a global compact on migration by 2018, game-changing ideas are needed to harness the benefits and mitigate the risks associated with migration.

Viewing migration through a common lens of reducing poverty and boosting prosperity can provide a unifying framework for a comprehensive response.”

Migrants sending money home, or remittances, are credited as a leading reason poverty in Nepal fell at one of the fastest rates in the world between 2003 and 2011.

Remittances as a share of GDP grew from less than 5 percent of Nepal’s GDP to nearly 30 percent since 2000.

Everyone in the country benefited from the sudden rise, even households that did not directly get money, according to the World Bank.

Full story:


Poverty in Belfast said...

Belfast Youth Forum launches report into poverty in the city
Young people in Belfast have unveiled their findings into poverty in the city at a special event in City Hall today.

Homeless news said...

#LeadByExample 2018 to help the #homeless

Starting off 2018 by donating toys, books, and clothes to homeless families. I can't wait to help cook dinner for them too!! #familypromise #bethankful #happynewyear