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Resveratrol for health - healthy food science

There have been many reports today of red wine and peanuts benefiting memory and mood in an ageing population, all from a study at University of Texas.

 The antioxidant resveratrol is the compound present in these foods that has sparked the interest.

From their study on rodents: "Resveratrol has been widely touted for its potential to prevent heart disease, but Shetty and a team that includes other researchers from the health science centre believe it also has positive effects on the hippocampus, an area of the brain that is critical to functions such as memory, learning and mood."

The news has sounded like a command to drink red wine and eat peanuts, but resveratrol is present mainly in the skin of red grapes, so it is equally beneficial to eat grapes, or drink red grape juice, provided the skin is processed into the drink.

Cocoa (REAL chocolate - not mostly sugar) and blueberries are also proven good sources of resveratrol, but many common foods haven't been tested.

 For antioxidants in general (not just resveratrol), several common berries have recently been analysed:

Superfoods don't advertise (wellbeing, nutrition versus corporations)

A study reported by Harvard University suggests there is no proven health benefits from resveratrol:

As ever, the most important things for health are a variety of unprocessed foods, a variety of exercise, and moderation in all things.

Concerning diet, the most important thing to bear in mind is what NOT to eat to excess, and the most trusted research is demographic with large numbers of people involved over a very long period:

Superfoods don't advertise (wellbeing, nutrition versus corporations)

The top priority for food and agribusiness corporations is to make profits, so if you are really concerned about your health ... turn off the adverts

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  2. Kedgeree French cuisine which is very tasty. This includes cooked fish, mayonnaise, polished rice, parsley, cooked eggs, pomace, butter or cream, and sometimes raisins.

  3. Resveratrol is a polylphenol found in many natural foods, and there is an excellent up-to-date summary of polyphenols (and the health benefits) here:

    What Are Polyphenols? Types, Benefits, and Food Sources.

    Compared to corporate 'medicine' (!) many of these look very attractive (see below) ...

    The health benefits: Regularly consuming polyphenols is thought to boost digestion and brain health, as well as protect against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even certain cancers.

    Several particularly yummy examples:

    Red wine, dark chocolate, tea, and berries are some of the best-known sources.

    #healthyfood, #brainhealth, #antioxidants, #AntiInflammatory


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