Monday, 9 January 2017

The Firm: Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

Specially recommended for LD as he limbers up for Spring planting; also for anyone with a weight problem:
The Firm - Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

There is a series of these exercise videos - a must for anyone living in remote areas or cultural deserts. Visible Results in ten workouts, it says; emphasising the visible and maybe superficial. But the genuine health benefits are likely to come even sooner than that.

From an Amazon review:

The best thing about this workout DVD was that I was in my target heart rate zone for a very good portion (of the total video time), close to 35 minutes. For virtually this reason alone--and also because SOME of the moves were actually fun (just too repetitive)--I will keep this DVD, at least for now. I would recommend this workout to someone who doesn't mind a lot of repetition and who is looking for a basic but fairly intense floor cardio workout.

UPDATE 4/26/07: This workout has grown on me over time. I've found that if I skip the warm-up, the remaining routine feels much less repetitive, and I get a strong cardio workout in under 30 minutes. If I could change my rating, I would upgrade to 4 stars.

The DVD averages 4 stars, and if it grows on people over time, it's probably a shade better than that.

The Firm: Ultimate Fat Burning with Alison Davis

DVD video Fat Burning exercise

Segments from the "The Firm: Ultimate Fat Burning with Alison Davis" workout video: A short-but-intense workout that blends aerobics and dumbbell-toning into a non-stop fat-burner. It combines the intensity — and the results — of the legendary 1990's Firm videos with an updated, fresher feel


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