Saturday, 3 October 2015

Hélène Grimaud piano and wolves

Helene Grimaud
Yesterday, St Cecilia's Day (the patron saint of Music!) I discovered Hélène Grimaud, the French pianist. Not only is she an amazingly energetic pianist (is energetic the best word!?) but she has founded her own nature reserve - a wolf sanctuary in Upper New York State.

She is known for her passion for wolves, which she studies and raises. She now divides her time between her musical career and the Wolf Conservation Centre, which she co-founded with her then-companion, the photographer J. Henry Fair. She also experiences synesthesia, where one physical sense adds input to another, for example tasting words, or in her case, seeing music as colour.

Helene Grimaud with wolves

Her discussion of synesthesia was particularly interesting. It didn't even seem to be a difficulty; she is accustomed to experiencing colours with music and explains that people with synesthesia experience it in many different ways: colours associated with numbers or letters, for example.

Her many recordings feature Beethoven, Bartók, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Mozart and Schumann (and other composers).

Her site has a discography (, but it's all in a frame, so rather a pain to search.

Interview with Hélène Grimaud on "Resonances"

Hélène Grimaud - Resonances video

Resonances - A new solo recital programme by Hélène Grimaud.

In her new album Grimaud brings all her artistic maturity and a perfect balance between intellect and emotion to bear on highly dramatic pieces by Mozart, Liszt, Berg and Bartók.

The CD

Artist Portrait: Hélène Grimaud CD

is on sale at CD Universe for $10.99,
Helene Grimaud - Artist Portrait

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