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Jo Lawry jazz vocals

Hopefully, and deservedly, finding a wider audience after her collaboration with Sting in the Berlin concert, Jo is booked to make another tour with Sting on his forthcoming tour, "Back to Bass," beginning in Boston on October 21 2011. Also in the band will be guitarists Dominic Miller (Sting's regular collaborator) and Rufus Miller, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, and Peter Tickell (electric fiddle).

Jo Lawry

Jo Lawry

"She's a fantastic singer. More than any other backing vocalist I've worked with, she really knows what she's doing. She's a doctor of music," Sting said, after their showcase concert yesterday. Having been in New York for 7 years to further her career, last night she had the pleasure of family and friends at the front of the audience.

After Australia and New Zealand, Sting's Symphonicity Tour is scheduled to finish with a series of shows in South America next month.

I Want to Be Happy - Jo Lawry

Songs on the CD

1. Water Is Wide

2. Prelude to Happiness

3. I Want to Be Happy

4. February

5. I Only Have Eyes for You

6. Small House

7. I Could Have Danced All Night

8. Until

9. I'm Old Fashioned

10. Can't Smile Without You

11. In a Spin

12. Love Is Now [Memoria E Fado]

13. Loro

14. I Guess I'll Hang My Tears out to Dry

15. Tried and Tried

Jo Lawry - I Want to Be Happy

I Want to Be Happy - Jo Lawry

Jo Lawry with Sting

My favourite duet from the Berlin concert

Whenever I say your name video

Jo Lawry is on tour with Sting again in November 2012, this time in the 'Back to Bass' tour. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will be absent, but Dominic Miller (guitar), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), David Sancious (keyboards), Peter Tickell (electric fiddle) and Jo Lawry (vocals) will be included.


The world-renowned musician Sting is in Istanbul once again as part of his Back to Bass Tour. Following the success of Sting’s 2011-2012 world tour, the Back to Bass tour is returning to Europe, organized by BKM and GNL. On Nov. 26, 2012, Sting will perform at the Atak√∂y Athletics Arena in Istanbul, joined by a five-piece band including Dominic Miller (guitar), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), David Sancious (keyboards), Peter Tickell (electric fiddle) and Jo Lawry (vocals).

Jo Lawry - I Want to Be Happy

A very informal Jo Lawry song with guitar, bass and percussion:

Jo Lawry sings jazz

Jo Lawry Taking Pictures

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Jo Lawry Live November 2012

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Jo Lawry NEWS

July 2014 - Jo has joined Sting and Paul Simon on their North American tour. (February 2014).

Late in the Evening - Paul Simon, Sting, Jo Lawry

Sting - vocals, bass
Dominic Miller - guitars
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums
David Sancious - keyboards
Peter Tickell - electric fiddle
Jo Lawry - vocals


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  1. Jo Lawry live with Sting and pals

  2. vocalist Jo Lawry would have come close to upstaging everyone

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