Friday, 16 October 2015

longevity in Sicily

There was a very good documentary on ITV about the high number of centenarians, in good health, in a small town in Sicily. Their Mediterranean diet has had a good press for some time, but this video also focussed on their activity levels. Most families seemed to have the ground to grow lots of their own food, including small livestock.

One thing they didn't mention, which was hidden in plain sight, was the absence of buses and taxis and the VERY hilly terrain! Nearly everyone walked up and down a hill every day. I suspect this practice has huge health benefits ...

Still searching for the video, but no joy so far.

 People living in mountain villages on the island of Sicily, who had lived to the age of at least 100, have a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and low in red meat, refined carbohydrates and sweets.

A key aspect of the centenarians' diets was the low glycemic index, associated with Diabetes risk.


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  1. #longevity in Sicily appears to involve #exercise as well as the #diet. Most peeps #walking daily

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