Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Major health diet threat to US citizens

And to most of the western world!

Imagine a terrorist plot to trick the Brazilian government (through bribes, promises and corporate/political trickery) into cutting down and burning the Amazon rainforests in order to graze cattle and trick the poor American people into eating high fat, high protein, very high sugar junk several times a day.

Imagine spending billions of dollars each year on advertising the junk food and sugar/fructose drinks, the withdrawal effects of which develop craving for more of the same within an hour or two.
food for heart health

This cunning plan has already rendered over 50% of American agriculture devoted to two heavily fertilised, pesticide ridden crops, all managed by corporations rather than farmers. The US beef cattle no longer graze; many of them never eat grass - just soya, maize and the left overs of this bizarre plot.

The plan has already rendered over 20 million Americans diabetic, with around 60 million pre-diabetic. There are similar trends in the rise of cardio-vascular disease, bowel cancer and kidney disease, all of which are due to the epidemic of obesity and morbid obesity. Even children now show signs of damage to the arteries.

This evil plot is well under way, but the 'terrorists' are capitalists, and the shareholders that they represent. Incredibly, the US government subsidises the growing of maize and soya, and doesn't help real farmers that try to grow real, wholesome, vitamin rich fresh food. There are many districts (typically the poorer areas) where local shops only stock processed (junk) foods because these are the only foods that the victims see advertised. The price of junk foods is artificially low due to the subsidies.

REAL healthy food is still cheaper (basic vegetables, fruit, grain) but is hard to find and needs education to save the victims.

Here are a few videos from specialists in the field of nutrition. Posts and videos about healthy alternatives will follow.

Foods that Kill

There are a few mistakes in this video. White fish such as Pollock and Cod have virtually no fat.

Part 1: Consequences (HBO: The Weight of the Nation)

Part 2: Choices (HBO: The Weight of the Nation)

Part 3: Children in Crisis (HBO: The Weight of the Nation)

Part 4: Challenges (HBO: The Weight of the Nation)

One might speculate that the US governments constant preoccupation with seeing threats from foreign powers is more comforting (as projections usually are) than facing the dire problems at home.


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  1. #healthyfood Healthy veggie becomes MVP for easy Super Bowl mini-pizzas healthy food news

    "I'm not suggesting you fool children, but some may not try it if they knew they were eating 'healthy,'"

  2. Mixing protein and fat with high GI foods lowers the GI and helps prevent / reverse type 2 diabetes.

    Cheese, butter, peanuts are good examples for lowering the sugar / glucose spike

  3. Recent meta analysis (synthesis of many studies) shows salt is even ahead of sugar in damaging people's health.

    Read the label


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