Tuesday, 6 October 2015

optimum nutrition and poverty - healthy food bargains & education beat advertising

Recent 'health' news from the poor districts in South Wales is appalling:

Following on from our article on the real 'superfoods' that aren't widely promoted by the food 'industry', here is very sad news that victims of such corporations believe that fresh fruit and vegetables are more expensive than junk food, fast f
fresh food for wellbeing

Scurvy and rickets are both reappearing in children; deficiency diseases that were thought to be permanently eradicated after the rationing of the world wars.

If you have the time and inclination to read the labels and do the arithmetic, this isn't true.

A recent documentary by the BBC showed that nutritional content in many foods is equally good (sometimes better) in rapidly frozen foods, and that tomatoes, for example, are better nutrition when picked very ripe and cooked. This includes tinned tomatoes and tomato puree.

Best Examples of Nutritional Bargains

Good Food on a Tight Budget

food       price per kilo

carrots                        £0.60

frozen peas                 £1.00

frozen broccoli          £1.00

frozen pollock           £3.50

lean pork shoulder £3.50

wholegrain rice   £1.50

oats                       £0.72

savers apples     £1.00

berry mix            £3.00 (more antioxidants than blueberries)

free range eggs £1.00 per 6 eggs

Compare this to pizza, pasties, ready meals which are nearly all white wheat flour, cheap animal fat and cheese and the myth of "poverty = junk food" evaporates. The most damaging poverty is the lack of education and a surfeit of junk media and corporate advertising.

"The rise of historical diseases such as rickets and scurvy has coincided with an obesity epidemic.

The number of people with obesity in the UK has more than trebled in the last 25 years.

In England data from 2011 shows 24.8 per cent of adults and 16.3 per cent of children are obese.

A Government report claimed obesity will cost the NHS £6.4bn per year by 2015."

Last month a report in www.plosone.org/ stated that chilhood obesity leading to hospital admission had quadrupled in the UK in the last decade.

Superfood Propaganda - video expose

A look at a study of twins to see if superfoods actually do us any good. Professor Regan talks to the founder of Innocent Drinks about the science behind their popular superfood smoothies. Great video from BBC show Horizon - Professor Regan's Supermarket Trolley.

nutrition / education for best diet on a budget


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Anonymous said...

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poverty said...

Pope reflects on #poverty of spirit

Pope Francis described the Beatitudes as the “Magna Carta of the New Testament” during his January 29 Sunday Angelus address.

Reflecting on the first Beatitude—“blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”—Pope Francis told the crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square that “the happiness of the poor, of the poor in spirit, has a twofold dimension: in relation to goods and in relation to God.”

“In regard to goods, to material goods, this poverty in spirit is sobriety: not necessarily renunciation, but the capacity to enjoy the essential, to share; the capacity to renew every day the wonder of the goodness of things, without being weighed down in the opacity of voracious consumption,” the Pope explained.


Healthy Food said...

Agreed (not greed!) - I'm making #organic bread at the mo - very rewarding, and much better than i could buy.

Added extras include vitamin C, wheatgerm, oat meal, omega seed mix, sunflower oil, dark brown sugar :)

childrens education said...

#educational apps may be making #children dumber, especially when designed to keep them hooked into the app. #motivation is key. education is not a video game