Monday, 9 November 2015

250 year pear tree in Cubbington blocks new rail line

About three miles from my first home (many years ago!) a 250 year old Pear tree has been voted England’s Tree of the Year for 2015.

Hopefully this will 'derail' plans to build another high speed rail route through Warwickshire - it already has plenty.

The Cubbington Pear tree

Cubbington Pear tree
Standing at the top of a hill near South Cubbington Wood, it is on the proposed phase 1 route of the HS2 line from London to Birmingham and could be lost if or when construction gets underway.

“The tree is very precious to people here. There’s no one alive in the village who doesn’t know this tree, it’s been part of our lives for generations.”

It is believed to be the largest wild pear tree in Warwickshire and the second largest in the United Kingdom.

There was no hint of a reprieve from the proposers of the HS2 railway line, though spokesman Ben Ruse said they recognised the tree’s importance and would do everything possible to ensure there are still wild pears growing in the area.


  1. Oh's only 250 years old.....there are hundreds of them around...... :(

  2. #pear #tree aged 250 years sounds great. What are the high speed trains for? Haven't people heard of video conferencing ...

  3. People need to get to Sprawlmart as soon as humanly possible. You never know when a pallet of toilet paper will go on sale!!

  4. Can I have the pallet? They are very handy for making compost bins :)


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