Monday, 16 November 2015

Carbon Glacier Laura Veirs

Carbon Glacier, by singer / songwriter Laura Veirs, was published in 2004. Wonderful atmospheric poetry with subjective awareness painted onto the landscape and starscape with acoustic guitar


Carbon Glacier - Laura Veirs songs on the CD

Ether Sings – 3minutes 44seconds

Icebound Stream – 3minutes 04seconds

Rapture – 3minutes 06seconds

Lonely Angel Dust – 2minutes 38seconds

The Cloud Room – 2minutes 52seconds

Wind Is Blowing Stars – 2minutes 43seconds

Shadow Blues – 4minutes 20seconds

Anne Bonny Rag – 2minutes 15seconds

Snow Camping – 3minutes 12seconds

Chimney Sweeping Man – 3minutes 13seconds

Salvage A Smile – 1minutes 52seconds

Blackened Anchor – 2minutes 05seconds

Riptide – 4minutes 16seconds

Laura Veirs - Ether Sings video

My wooden vibrating mouth

Sing me your lover’s song

Come with me we’ll head up north

Where the rivers run icy and strong

The empty theater is lying cold

In the shadows of the past

A church group enters to touch the molding

With a burst of song and a simple repast

Guitars can’t help but sing

Can’t help but ring

A tiny little flute is whistling in the lips

Of a stranger on the corner

A tiny little girl ties flowers to her wrists

And the bees come round to adorn her

All the time spent dreaming is never lost

Dreams come back through the bells of trumpeting horns

Souls lost into the ether of death

Come back wise in the eyes and the arms of newborns

Hearts can’t help but sing

Can’t help but ring

Laura Veirs - Rapture video

With photographs

And magnetic tape

We capture

Pretty animals in cages

Pretty flowers in vases


And doesn’t the tree

Write great poetry?

Doing itself so well

Do you blame Monet?

His gardens in Giverny

He captured

And lovely basho

His plunking ponds and toads


The fate of Kurt Cobain

Junk coursing through his veins

And young Virginia Woolf

Death came and hung her coat

Love of color, sound and words

Is it a blessing or a curse?



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