Monday, 30 November 2015

Essential Guide to Yoga - Penny Smith, Howard Napper

Essential Guide to Yoga by Penny Smith; with Howard Napper. A fine health and exercise DVD to use at home.

Essential Guide to Yoga - Penny Smith
A nicely paced DVD (a bit of a gallop the first time, not so slow that the 500th view leaves you bored!).

 Having 'forgotten' about yoga for years, it's amazed me rediscover that a whole hour can be spent 'exercising' and leave you feeling less tired.
 An hour with no phone calls, no tasks, no lists of jobs to do ...

 Penny Smith has published lots of DVDs and books on yoga, but here she takes the back seat while Howard describes his practice.
 They go through the exercises and postures at a leisurely pace, and the verbal promptings from Howard are just right.
 At the end there is a series of alternative postures to accomodate all sorts of physical frailties, weaknesses, differences; so the DVD really is suitable for anyone.

Essential Guide to Yoga Penny Smith video

 Very experienced yoga practitioners might like to investigate her advanced yoga DVDs. I bought this through, but the seller was DVDDirect2006. Free postage, came the next day ...
Essential Guide to Yoga - Penny Smith, Howard Napper DVD, fitness at home  ( There are astonishing differences in price, so shop around :)


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