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Witches Abroad - Terry Pratchett

Hardback book in fair condition (perfect read, worn cover).

Witches Abroad - Terry Pratchett

The target of Terry Pratchett's choice for this story is the ubiquitous happy ending.

A fairy godmother dies and the witches find themselves carrying out her last wishes (whilst trying to find the hidden magic wand). The magical wand is left, to the disgust of the other two, to Magrat, with instructions that she undertake a mission without the interference of Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg.

Unfortunately, the effect of telling Granny and Nanny that they are not to go is likely to have completely the opposite effect, so off the three traipse to Genua. Genua is a place where someone has been forcing happy endings on people, whether they wanted them or not.

Their mission is to prevent a princess (called Embers, living in a kitchen, with ugly sisters,) from marrying a prince (lives in a pond, glistens).

Well, a bit muddled the story may be, it has another fairy godmother, a bit psychotic she is, but she believes that she is the good one, and that the story, once started, must be obeyed.

 Did you know that Nanny Ogg is a gifted linguist? Well, she is, she says so, but then she says that Greebo is a lovely sweet kitty-cat, and we all know how true that is.

When Nanny Ogg's displays her 'talents' these are among the best bits of the book, they are like all of the sketches about foreign travel you have ever seen, and they will make you laugh, they did me. You just can't help it, you know what is coming from a mile away, but you laugh anyway.

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