Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Linux Pocket Guide

An excellent, compact reference book for common Linux commands. Anyone that runs a webserver, or even a VPS, would do well to own this book. I have known people that can remember every command they've ever used, but for mere mortals like yours truly, and for everyone subject to senior moments, this is a great time-saver. Linux - the ultimate open source operating system.

Published by O'Reilly, the average review is 4.7/5, so you'd do well to find a better buy.

Linux Pocket Guide

Linux Pocket Guide Contents

What's in This Book?

Getting Help

Fedora: A First View

Logins, Logouts, and Shutdowns

The Filesystem

The Shell

Installing Software

tar.gz and tar.bz2 files

Basic File Operations

Directory Operations

File Viewing

File Creation and Editing

File Properties

File Location

File Text Manipulation

More Powerful Manipulations

File Compression and Packaging

File Comparison

Disks and Filesystems

Partitioning and Formatting Disks

Backups and Remote Storage

File Printing

Spelling Operations

Viewing Processes

Controlling Processes

Users and Their Environment

Working with User Accounts

Becoming the Superuser

Working with Groups

Basic Host Information

Host Location

Network Connections


Web Browsing

Usenet News

Instant Messaging

Screen Output

Math and Calculations

Dates and Times

Scheduling Jobs

Graphics and Screensavers

Audio and Video

Programming with Shell Scripts

Final Words

O'Reilly have a community blog on their website, where fellow internet users can assist each other with queries.

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