Thursday, 26 November 2015

Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour

By Richard Gross
Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour
This fourth edition is an introduction to psychology that adopts a modular approach that is in line with significant recent developments.

 The text has been revised and updated, featuring chapters on health psychology, criminological psychology and social psychology of sport, with new topics including parapsychology and substance abuse.

 The comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the subject makes this a useful introductory guide for anyone studying psychology, including A level students, first-year undergraduates and nursing students.

Gross is the recommended text for students of Psychology; also for related fields such as counselling, nursing and social work that deal in health and wellbeing.

 About the Author:

Richard Gross is the author of Essential A2 Psychology for AQA(A) and Essential AS Psychology for AQA (A), and numerous other best-selling psychology textbooks published by Hodder & Stoughton.


Part 1: The Nature and Scope of Psychology

Part 2: The Biological Basis of Behaviour and Experience

Part 3: Cognitive Psychology

Part 4: Social Psychology

Part 5: Developmental Psychology

Part 6: Individual Differences

Part 7: Issues and Debates

Helpful critical review: Prefer previous version (1992). Bigger isn`t always better.


Anonymous said...

Gross psychology...well..yes, I guess it is when working with the herd. Just check out the U.S. candidates for Prez...more gross brains have never before tried to achieve greatness. Sad..and VERY frightening!

pete said...

Hi Marty! I accidentally removed your comment - so I've put it back :)

Gross psychology probably would be useful for many of the political types - but they have support groups of like-minded dictators to perpetuate the illusion that they don't need any help. They could ask us, the electorate, but that would be democratic ...

Anonymous said...

One of the candidates ranking high in the conservative polls has said that he thinks the Egyptian pyramids were built to store grain. He based his theory on a Bible story. He also has said that hospitals that have abortions performed in them are haunted by baby ghosts who hide hospital supplies. He's a retired doctor so I guess he would know....... What a loon......

pete said...

The ghosts attempt to kill other patients? I'm pleased to hear that he has retired ...

Anonymous said...

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