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Tales From Topographic Oceans – Yes

An instrumental masterpiece, double LP from 1973.

Steve Howe of Yes Playing Side 3 of Tales from Topographic Oceans

A write up on Amazon says:
TALES FROM THE TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS (1973) -- an album that (to me) is one of the most unique, transcendent, ethereal and spiritual records I've ever heard.

The material on this album I can't recall hearing on any other Yes album, the melodies, the instrumentation, the vocal harmonies, the otherworldliness -- the whole album has such an intangible, indescribable aura, which sends me to a higher plane every time I listen to it.

Hell, I can't listen to this album too often, as it's such an overwhelmingly intense experience, I'm left feeling it's after effects for long periods of time.

The album is based around a footnote of some shastric scriptures that lead singer Jon Anderson happened to stumble upon one day.
 As a result, many will dismiss the lyrics as gibberish, although I get the impression that Jon Anderson (and guitarist Steve Howe) were trying to paint pictures with words, as opposed to writing lyrics with the sole intention of facilitating logical comprehension.

And remember, the unique and "out-there" factors were at their highest throughout the 60s and 70s.
(and plenty more!)


Yes - Tales from Topographic Oceans (1973) - Full Album


Atlantic 1974

* Jon Anderson: Vocals
* Steve Howe: Guitars and vocals
* Chris Squire: Bass and vocals
* Rick Wakeman: Keyboards
* Alan White: Drums

1. The Revealing Science Of God - Dance Of The Dawn 20:27
2. The Remembering - High The Memory 20:38
3. The Ancient - Giants Under The Sun 18:34
4. Ritual - Nous Sommes Du Soleil 21:35
TOTAL TIME: 1:20:03 (81:03)

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