Monday, 9 November 2015

Your Baby and Child - Penelope Leach

Highly recommended by my sister, in the vain hope that the resolutely ignorant might read it ... or read anything.

your baby and child penelope leach

The average review on Amazon is well over 4 (out of 5) and there's a 36% reduction in price at present (July 2013).

In the 21st century we know a child's psychological development and well-being is just as important as any physical need. Here Penelope Leach brings together key new scientific evidence about the way infants think and react to their parents and the outside world.

 Find guidance on sleeping, feeding, playing and washing as well as stage-by-stage advice on your baby's physical, intellectual and emotional development from birth to five.

You'll learn how to respond to your child and achieve a happier, more harmonious family life.

More than a guide to childcare - this insight from Penelope Leach into your child's needs, thoughts and behaviours - will help you to really communicate together. You'll get support and learn to trust your parenting instincts and gain the confidence to live by your baby and child, not by the book.

The only omission that readers note is that Penelope gives little attention to the needs of the parent. If your child is very demanding, and you become too exhausted to think clearly, you need clear guidance to help you cope.

Penelope Leach_Too Young for Discipline video

Penelope Leach gives talk at Global Summit on Ending Corporal Punishment and Promoting Positive Discipline, Dallas, TX, June 2-4, 2011. Addressing Too Young for Discipline.

Dr. Penelope Leach Discusses The Essential First Year video

Written by Dr. Penelope Leach, the leading international expert on child development information and childcare, The Essential First Year is the one book every 21st-century parent needs.

Providing all the tools to nurture and care for an infant-from how to meet the baby's physical needs, to how to stimulate their intellectual development and ensure their emotional well-being. Penelope Leach offers proven advice on practical issues including feeding, sleeping, dealing with crying, and keeping your baby safe.

Dr. Leach culls her more-than-ten years of recent research into infant development, especially in brain growth, showing parents how helping a baby to be calm, contented, amused, and interested leads to optimum development of body and brain.


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  2. #selfcare #education for parents and carers:

    An important part of childcare is remembering to look after the carer - you!

    Children learn what they experience, and selfcare is a valuable example.

    TedTalks have a playlist of selfcare videos to keep parents / carers focussed and healthy.

    Self care videos

    #selfcare posts .


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