Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Electric car charging in Manchester

Manchester UK now has 250 electric car recharging points. The charging facilities are free, at the moment, in a drive to get more commuters committed to buying an electric vehicle or converting an existing one.
electric vehicle charging Manchester
The chairperson of the TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) committee, Councillor Andrew Fender, said once users were paying for the service, they expected a full recharge would only cost about £6.00 The cost of initiating this scheme was partly met by a grant from The Office for Low Emission Vehicles, and local authorities provided the rest of the money. GMEV website

Electric vehicles in Manchester video

With the increased uptake of photovoltaic panels on domestic and business premises roofs, and some larger installations in fields and ex-industrial areas, electric vehicles are the future ... and, of course, cycle paths. Preferably with heavy duty fencing to protect the cyclists, joggers and pedestrians from the occasional psychopath that still, mysteriously, gets issued with a driving licence ... Renewable Energy

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