Monday, 28 December 2015

institutions, preconceptions and collective myths

A thought for the day, as it were!

Dire institutions
cannot see truth
through their fiction that blinds

A collective illusion
there's nothing can pierce
institutional minds

Happy (and open-minded) New Year

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  1. New Zealand #education - Labour and Greens put stake in the sand on education education news

    "Principals are already planning to cut teacher and support staff hours this year and hike parent donations, to cope with the Government's freeze on core school funding.

    Meanwhile, per-child funding for Early Childhood Education has been frozen for seven years and driven children into lower-quality, cheaper to run services.

    "Labour and the Greens' commitment to education, means New Zealanders who want to see the right of Kiwi kids to a quality public education restored will have a real choice this year.

    "While funding is crucial, teachers also call on all parties to listen to the profession's concerns about other policies brought in over the past nine years, like national standards, charter schools, and the move towards privatisation.

    "New Zealand can afford to provide the best education in the world."


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