Saturday, 26 December 2015

learning Russian / Cyrillic alphabet

The Penguin book

The New Penguin Russian Course: A Complete Course for Beginners

has a very good introduction, but could make more of the fact that many letters are borrowed from Greek.

For example N is pronounced ee ! This makes sense once you realise N represents the Greek letter eta.

Having waded through the beginning there were 7 letters that I really struggled with, until I made up a cartoon / story ...

Once upon a time, two Zen monks were instructed by their master to learn Russian, (more accurately - the Cyrillic alphabet) to improve their understanding of Russian and Serbian speech and literature.

They laboured manfully, mightily, monkishly and moodily but couldn't get the hang of the least familiar few, several of which appeared identical or pointing the wrong way (or both).

"You shall ride the yak that walks backwards until you master the alphabet," said the master

Я        З  Э         Ч    Ц        Щ    Ш

So they searched behind the cushions in their meditation room until they'd found enough cash (3 Euros) to hire the yak that walked backwards and and trotted off into the midday sun muttering at each other, frequently consulting their text book ... little realising that their antics were symbolic. The rouble dropped, they added one simple letter to each of the impossibly mysterious symbol groups and shouted 'Shsheesh!' in glee.

  Яk        ЗЭH         ЧaЦ        ЩИШ

(yak       zen          chats        shsheesh)

It works for me (!) and I hope it will for you :)


До свидания


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