Tuesday, 29 December 2015

supermarket luxury lies

Recently I was in a 'super'market to buy food, and looking through the muesli, to see if any of it was fit to eat.

A fellow customer praised the item I was looking at, and the packaging did paint a rosy picture:

Raisin, almond and Honey muesli.

I read the ingredients and the analysis (I.e. the small print), and here are the facts:


oats 55%,
sugar unspecified, but more than 9%
raisins 9%
oat flour 4%
honey 0.5 %
sunflower seeds less than 0.5%

The muesli is Oat, sugar and raisin muesli.

In case you think this is unimportant, until the last century, the armed conflict "industry" was always the no.1 cause of untimely death.
food industry dishonest advertising

During the 20th century, the tobacco "industry" overtook it. With 800% tax on tobacco, the tobacco "industry" has dropped to No. 3.

Armed conflict has claimed 2nd spot.

The food "industry" is now no.1.

Personally, I can't see anything industrious about killing people and stealing their money. Fortunately we can arm ourselves with information and be less willing to to be tricked.

I like muesli with almonds, raisins (or sultanas) and honey, so I've made my own ...


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