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King Crimson - Lizard

Both Haskell and McCulloch joined King Crimson in time to participate in the recording sessions for the band's third album, Lizard, but had no say in the writing of the material. Fripp and Sinfield, now effectively equal artistic partners, had written the entire album themselves and had also brought in a squad of jazz musicians to help record it - Keith Tippett, cornet player Marc Charig, trombonist Nick Evans and oboe player Robin Miller.

Jon Anderson of Yes was also brought in to perform vocals on one song ("Prince Rupert Awakes") which Fripp and Sinfield considered to be outside Haskell’s range and style. Lizard featured much stronger avant-garde jazz and chamber-classical influences than previous albums, as well as Sinfield’s upfront experiments with processing and distorting sound through the VCS3 synthesizer.

It also featured Sinfield’s most complex (or frustrating) set of allusive lyrics to date (including a coded song about the break-up of the Beatles) with almost the entire second side taken up by a predominantly instrumental chamber suite describing a mediaeval battle and its outcome.

The album is still described as being an "acquired taste". It was definitely not to the taste of the more rhythm-and-blues orientated Haskell and McCulloch, who did not enjoy the sessions and rapidly became disillusioned. Growing tensions came to a head when Haskell quit the band acrimoniously prior to the release of Lizard.

All songs written by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfield.

Side one

1. "Cirkus" – 6:27

* "Entry of the Chameleons"

2. "Indoor Games" – 5:37
3. "Happy Family" – 4:22
4. "Lady of the Dancing Water" – 2:47

Side two

1. "Lizard" – 23:15
1. "Prince Rupert Awakes"
2. "Bolero: The Peacock's Tale"
3. "The Battle of Glass Tears"
1. "Dawn Song"
2. "Last Skirmish"
3. "Prince Rupert's Lament"
4. "Big Top"


King Crimson

* Robert Fripp - guitar, mellotron, electric keyboards and devices
* Gordon Haskell - bass guitar, vocals
* Mel Collins - saxophone, flute
* Andy McCulloch - drums
* Peter Sinfield - words, VCS3, pictures

Additional musicians

* Keith Tippett - piano, electric piano
* Robin Miller - oboe, cor anglais
* Mark Charig - cornet
* Nick Evans - trombone
* Jon Anderson - vocals (track 5, part 1 - "Prince Rupert Awakes")

Other personnel

* Robin Thompson - engineer
* Geoff Workman - tapes

KING CRIMSON - Lizard part 1 video

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