Sunday, 31 January 2016

Metamorphosis – Iron Butterfly

Metamorphosis - Iron Butterfly
Metamorphosis - Iron Butterfly LP cover

Record in good condition, cover fair.

1. "Free Flight" – 0:50

2. "New Day" – 3:20

3. "Shady Lady" – 3:55

4. "Best Years of Our Lives" – 3:59

5. "Slower Than Guns" – 3:49

6. "Stone Believer" – 4:25

7. "Soldier in Our Town" – 3:22

8. "Easy Rider (Let the Wind Pay the Way)" – 3:06

9. "Butterfly Bleu" – 13:57

IRON BUTTERFLY Soldier In Our Town video

Stone Believer by Iron Butterfly video

Musicians on the studio album: LP Iron Butterfly - Metamorphosis

Iron Butterfly

Doug Ingle – organ, lead vocals (except on "Best Years of Our Life" and "Butterfly Bleu")
Lee Dorman – bass
Ron Bushy – drums

Invited (session) musicians for Metamorphosis, Iron Butterfly

Mike Pinera – guitar; lead vocals on "Shady Lady", "Best Years of Our Life", "Stone Believer", and "Butterfly Bleu"
Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt – guitar
Richard Podolor – sitar, twelve-string guitar
Bill Cooper – twelve-string guitar

More recently:

iron butterfly live


  1. I am liking this does not compare to the album by Pooshneesh ..entitle Seeing all yet not traveling. Please to be enlightened to this. I am thanking you.

  2. I am not familiar with Pooshneesh, but he/she has an interesting spelling in Cyrillic / Russian:


    глаголь добро есть "To speak is a beneficence"

    It took ages to find those letters on the keyboard!


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