Friday, 1 January 2016

Morning Star - Ranarim

The Swedish folk bands 2nd album (I think), though it was released earlier than this in Swedish!

The lead singer, Ulrika Boden, and the rest of the band, have a few videos (live performance) to follow. Their 1st album was Till the Light of Day.
Morning Star - Ranarim

songs on the CD:

1. Welcome Blessed Spring
2. Farmer's Almanac, The
3. Bless These Sheep
4. I've Got No Money But I'm Not Broke
5. Falkvard
6. Love Everlasting
7. No Hearts Ablaze
8. Home at Last
9. Morning Star, The
10. Elderly Brothers, The
11. Sailor's Song, The
12. Lyby Lasse
13. Wind Turns, The
14. Proud Signhild
15. Bird from Afar, A

musicians: Ulrika Boden (vocals); Jens Engelbrecht (guitar); Niklas Roswall (harp); Anders Johnsson (double bass); Olle Linder (percussion); Sofia Sandén.

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