Wednesday, 20 January 2016

musical narrow minds or open?


On BBC radio 3 this morning; a discussion about people having to apologise to their peers for liking classical music.

 In this era of potentially free access to all music, the pigeon holes could even be discarded altogether.

Apologising for liking classical music:
Sting and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Berlin

I recently saw Sting - Live in Berlin ... white man's reggae, with rock guitarist and drummer, an Arabic drummer, female jazz vocalist, jazz saxophonist and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Sting's excellent lyrics were better served than ever before, the rock musicians looked uplifted by the orchestra and the RPO had even more fun than usual ... and it worked musically.

Whenever anyone displays their narrow view of music (or life!) bear in mind what a psychologist would say about rigidly held views ... and smile sweetly :)

There are still choral societies that won't consider any music unless the composer is dead! What a strange message to send to composers in the GOLDEN AGE of choral composition.

Thank you for your recent composition. Please contact us again, after you die ...


Sting and Jo Lawry leading the fun.

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