Monday, 18 January 2016

obscene wealth inequality

Several news reports today highlight the growing domination of wealth, power and economic/banking control by the few.
obscene wealth inequality

The Oxfam plea:
 "Oxfam calls on governments to take action to reverse this trend. It wants workers paid a living wage and the gap with executive rewards to be narrowed.

 It calls for an end to the gender pay gap, compensation for unpaid care and the promotion of equal land and inheritance rights for women.

And it wants governments to take action on lobbying, reducing the price of medicines, taxing wealth rather than consumption and using progressive public spending to tackle inequality."

 The report doesn't seem to mention the strategies used by the pathologically wealthy to enslave nearly everyone for ever, but inflated house prices (forcing the vulnerable into a lifetime of extortionate rents and governments into sometimes naive benefits); corporate media and advertising to encourage loans, hire purchase and destructive consumerism.

related news from USA The-richest-20-Americans-wealthy-half-entire-U-S-population

BBC news

The substance of the news from Oxfam

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  1. Lord Beauregard Douchebag18 January 2016 at 19:04

    I say, this Oxfam entity must be the Anti-Christ. As I look out upon the grounds of my palatial estate here in Kensington on Trent I can't imagine that any people are having money woes. Why, all they have to do if they require more money is to contact their accountant and have an under butler fetch the cash from the bank. It's all so very easy. Good day.

  2. #fascist #banking #satire, your Lordsheep? A revealing #self-serving #fantasy I feel! Let them eat cake?

  3. After years of 'austerity' and competing to make Little England the most hostile 'developed' country to its disabled and disadvantaged people, leading contenders for taking over as Prime Minister pledge increasing the lower-tax limit for unearned #PathologicalWealth income. They think millions of gullible victims would still vote for them ...
    and they're right.

    Right wing v Left wing is the psychology of the junior school, we need proportional representation and a party (or several) with policies founded on facts, understanding, education and a clear vision


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