Friday, 29 January 2016

Solar power inverters - efficiency and self-reliance

Tata, the car manufacturer (and more) and one of the first to make a budget electric car, now has an offshoot called Tata Power Solar.
solar PV California

It is releasing a solar PV unit that stores electricity from PhotoVoltaic panels in batteries to power an inverter (to mains AC) to replace the domestic mains when there is a power cut.

This is designed for helping customers in remote and poor areas where the electricity supply is unreliable, but will doubtless appeal to alternative types who'd rather use the inverter to replace the mains and gain freedom from one more corporation :)

It is designed to produce up to 600 watts, so ideal for lighting, modest refrigeration, even a small microwave oven, but woefully inadequate for full-blown consumerism, which makes it a very attractive proposition to me!

It is called the Tata Power Solar SunJeevini, retrofit unit.

Solar Power Economy - Tata Power Solar & Bloomberg video

Related news - Enphase energy has developed a micro-inverter, so small and cheap that it can be fitted to every panel in a solar array, thus reducing the loss of energy caused by transmitting DC current from the PV panels to a main inverter. Renewable Energy


Paddy O'Table said...

Sew'lar powar? Wot R ya tokin aboot laddy? Ye kneed knot boot petrol ta powar yer life eye tells ya. Jest tha oothar dee eye war speekin ta large Marge an she war sayin...oil be tha sew...'av a pint at yer local pub an be aware Lad..doon't be thinkin smart now.... Paddy

pete said...

#oil and #gas in #Russia now dominated by pals of #Putin. Similar domination is USA. We need alternatives, so does the planet

pete said...

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