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The Second Book of Job - poem

The Second Book of Job

Darkness Past

F is for fear
the steps lead down
through cobwebs and damp
to a tomb underground

through memories lost
embedded in ice
trials and torments
from lovers of vice

all that destroy you
those icons of lethargy
feed their projections
on unconscious envy

all that control you
say love is too dear
and build domination
on unconscious fear

all that abuse you
reflecting the least
re re re-enacting
their unconscious beast

they opt out of daylight
make darkness their bed
they'll never know you
just the fog in their head

dire institutions
they cannot see truth
through their fiction that blinds
a collective illusion
there's nothing can pierce
institutional minds


the tomb felt eternal
such pitiless plight
a dove gently glides
i move to the light

a garden of grace
a rainbow in mist
a platinum spire
in a fountain of peace

i dream of a wedding
a mother and child
their smiles reveal pearls
gleaming strength, feeling mild

tears that cleanse ...
one's heart through a lens ...
a season of rest ...
a space to digest ...


A sign to the desert
a new breed of test
my reason has lost
i hope Wisdom knows best


Darkness present

A is for arid
perpetual heat
i long for the garden
i pity my feet

there's rodents, there's snakes
and corporate greed
the hoardings instruct me
"want more than you need"

we're dogs on a racetrack
chasing the wings
of phantoms that sell
the illusions of 'things'

we're addicts at screens
witness liars with stealth
promoting the fiction
that money is 'wealth'

peer group plaudits
for 'profit' from con tricks
corporate small print
illegible contracts

peer groups bolster
monopolised housing,
media, 'news'
to re-invent slavery
guilt? Shrug it off
for teflon ... try booze


a land of bewilderbeasts
gorging to death
crawl on barbecued knees
gasping anthracite breath

we victims are converts
so wily their lies
the weary delirium
glues our demise

in this hand the addicts
of profit and power
driven to drive
to make money
    to take money
        to rake money

no time for feeling
no space to imagine
the plight of 'the other'
that alien doctrine

in that hand the indolent
disregard others
learn to be helpless
since states became mothers
pleased to be pampered
grey decades slip by
they end their days bitter
and never know why

no time for feeling
no space to imagine
the plight of 'the other'
that alien doctrine


oasis ahead
i leap to my feet
i'm floored by an angel
'betrayal!' i bleat

slowly, uncertain
i stand once again
the fiend holds a mirror
now the boy is a man


Light Eternal

there's a T in atonement
a trunk and two arms
you're home at last
rise up, and be calm

i float in white cloud
look down on my corpse
my torment is past
i feel no remorse

choristers sing
the passage scent sweet
the archway gold mist
green light bathes my feet

my two palms are holding
all grief and yearning
all pain and joy
all sins and mourning

the casserole sighs
the banquet complete
a bouquet of insight
alchemical meat

E is for Earth
our planet of life
the moon tugs her tides
they're husband and wife

look down on the earth
a child at my feet
with trembling hands
i'm touching my cheek

is heaven on earth?
if so, where should i go?
i'd like to reach ... everyone
and just say hello

in every language
intuition insists
ten words (use your fingers ...
you won't need a list)


yes ... please to all goodness
no ... thank you to lies
hello to each morning
each evening goodbye

food for the body
music for soul
poems for spirit
nurture the whole


copyright Peter Fairbrother
December 2015

A re-telling of the Book of Job with 21st century influences:

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