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Year of Meteors Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs' 5th CD, published by Nonesuch Records, August 2005, featuring one of my favourite songs - Galaxies.

Songs on Year of Meteors Laura Veirs CD

Laura Veirs Galaxies

Fire Snakes: 4:57

Galaxies: 3:35

Secret Someones: 5:16

Magnetized: 2:37

Parisian Dream: 3:05

Rialto: 4:00

Through the Glow: 2:42

Cool Water: 2:52

Spelunking: 3:06

Black Gold Blues: 3:11

Where Gravity is Dead: 3:40

Lake Swimming: 3:24

Laura Veirs - Secret Someones video

lyrics Secret Someones Laura Veirs

I'm climbing up the stairs

I'm circling the waves

The broken ceiling paint

The broken windowpane

O a smile would melt

Me to an asphalt strip

Where all would travel

Where all would tread and trip

Where all the rolling rollers roll

And all the secret someones go

And all the roving rovers ramble

Down my back, down my track…

The horizon disappears

Like a windswept trail

Gone from wind and rain

Blurred like a charcoal stain

Smearing your face

Your shins are skinned again

You can soak up my heat

Sweat your beaded jewels to the street

Where all the rolling rollers roll…

Hey hey hey hey

Tell me, did you make it to the show?

Tell me, what did you make of the drummer's hair?

Tell me, about the atmosphere

Tell me, about the faces that greeted you there

Where all the rolling rollers roll…

Fire Snakes and Galaxies video

Fire Snakes lyrics


Shimmer in the waves

Wanted to share a word

Course they only waved

Left me alone

With the blood in my mouth

To paw and to pray

To tear at the fray for a thundercloud

To dress up your wounds

Wash off the salt

Freshen the blooms

At your sea-rusted altar

Caldera's edge

We'll hold hands and wait

Mudflows are greyhounds

Exploding from gates

With hot ash and hot rocks

They'll crash and they'll mosh

Till the trees are all flat

And we all collapse from the chase

Then I'll dress up your wounds

Wash off the salt

Freshen the blooms

At your mud-crusted altar

Galaxies lyrics Laura Veirs

When you sing, when you sing

The stars fill up my eyes

Galaxies pour down my cheeks


they flood the street


When we dance, when we dance

Eels and sea grass float on by

I'm 10,000 leagues beneath the sea

10,000 leagues

beneath the green

10,000 leagues

When we kiss, when we kiss

Bears and boulders vibrate through the air

Gravity is dead you see

No gravity

all I need is beating red

No gravity

Musicians on the CD

Laura Veirs: vocals, guitar, keyboards

Steve Moore - piano, organs, keyboards

Karl Blau - bass, electric guitar, vocals, keyboards

Tucker Martine - drums, beats, percussion

acoustic, female vocals, guitar, Laura Veirs, music, singing, video

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