Thursday, 11 February 2016

building a robust hen house on a budget

A hen house I made a couple of years ago. The raised floor is damp proof and rat proof, and it has done a good job.

building a hen house The uprights are 2" x 2", 6" x 1" boards for the floor and base, 2" x 1" for everything else. The timber is tanalised, except the floor which was recycled (found in a skip!).

I used plywood for the roof, covered in felt, but coated in bitumen first.


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Marty Downs said...

I believe I mentioned this in the past but your quality built hen house would sell for a few thousand dollars here in the States. You'd have a laugh if you could see the flimsy,tiny hen house kits that sell here for over $300.

pete said...

#henhouse #DIY !! Thanks Marty. I'll be making an indoor hen house before next winter, to save the poor hens from 2 inches of rain a day (really).