Saturday, 13 February 2016

eggs for health

For decades, eggs have had a bad press due to insufficient understanding of cholesterol. There has been more research in today's news praising the merits of hens eggs, and the over zealous fears of cholesterol. The body makes cholesterol, and manages its concentration. Eggs have many health benefit - especially well-fed and free range (weather permitting!) hens.
free range chickens
Eggs are in fact an inexpensive nutrient-dense food rich in essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and are an important source of essential nutrients including iron, riboflavin, folate, choline, and vitamins A, B12, D, and E. Most of these nutrients are present in the yolk.

Free Range Chickens video

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  1. #cholesterol - there's more to #heart #health than #fat intake

    Egg yolks are okay, cutting back on fat may have no health benefits and there are even suggestions that high cholesterol may not be associated with increased cardiovascular risk! Dr Parul R Sheth makes sense of the cholesterol debate, taking into account the latest research and expert views

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