Monday, 22 February 2016

sugar tax and corporations

Apparently, corporations are treated as 'individuals' - a ploy devised by corporate lawyers to gain the same protection by law as individuals are supposed to have. Like many laws, once it has been passed it is hard reverse, because the corporations are protected by that law from having it changed.

sugar in drinks

In the news this week those people and institutions that want to save the vulnerable from life threatening diseases caused by added sugar are campaigning for a sugar tax.

The NHS is also very concerned:

and setting the pace in its own cafes.

Some food corporations have responded by promising to cut sugar by 25% within four years.

These corporations are treated by the law as individuals ...

So, Imagine the police come to your door and state, somewhat apologetically that you have been killing people by doctoring their food.

And you respond by saying  "Sorry. I'll kill 25% less within 4 years."

How would the police respond?

British Medical Journal report on similar sugar in diet problems in Mexico.

Food corporations (and their adverts) cannot be trusted. Make your own conscious decisions about what you eat and drink :)


Marty Downs said...

I just saw a report that said some of the fancy coffee drinks made by Starbucks and others have as much as 25 teaspoons of sugar in them. :/

pete said...

#Starbucks promise 25% less #diabetics in 4 years time ... That's right. It was the same report that mentioned the promise to kill 25% less people in 4 years time.