Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Where bottled water really comes from....

consumerism cartoon
  copyright 2016  Marty Downs
  Americans love their bottled water. It seems that they can't go anywhere without a bottle in their hand...and of course, in the other hand a smart (dumb) phone. 

A satire of modern American materialism ... even when the product contains NOTHING !


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  1. #corporate #food --- at least bottled water doesn't have sugar added. Did I mention that the food industry has recently overtaken the military as the league leader in cause of premature death? Bill Gates invests in sweetened drinks industry ...

  2. Another factor is gun violence. More Americans have died from being shot on the street then have died in all the wars America has been involved in.


  3. #gun #deaths in #USA the facts
    gun deaths in USA versus wars

    thanks Marty, I found some evidence. they don't mention the number of non-US civilians butchered in the governments attempt to fulfil the depraved ambitions of the #pathologicalwealth cult


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