Sunday, 6 March 2016

violin lessons #2 - know your violin

The parts of the violin. What they are called and what they accomplish.

know your violin - video

The chin rest. Most beginners violins come with a chin rest, but it is often worth a few pounds to get something more comfortable.

 A good music shop will help you decide what is best for you. A bad music shop will encourage you to spend as much as possible ...
get to know your violin

 The tailpiece. Even many professional violinists use a fine tuner on the E string, but a beginner will find life easier having a fine tuner on every string.

 The bridge this supports the strings and is slanted more on the side with the E string for easier playing.

 The neck this is for fingering the strings to produce higher notes than the open string. details of fingering in later videos.

 The scroll so called, because it looks like one! The scroll holds the pegs around which the strings are wound.

 The pegs are used for approximate tuning (for beginners) and even for fine tuning (professionals).

Fine tuning by peg is much easier on a quality violin where the pegs move easily, and hold their position without being forced into the scroll.


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