Tuesday, 8 March 2016

diets don't work - bar one

Painless diet that works

It is sad to see people stressing themselves with arduous diet plans for years (decades) and seeing no permanent change for the better.

I don't have the funds for 'research' but several observations clearly mean something.
best diet is lifestyle

Overeating often implies comfort eating or boredom. Very often the two go together.

I have seen many people lose several stone and achieve their perfect weight without dieting, and never being hungry. They (we) just stop eating junk food.

A common misconception is that skimmed milk is a weight-loss food. It isn't. Any cows milk is nearly 5% sugar.


Dieting sends a very clear message to your body that their is a famine. If there was a famine, it would make sense to gain fat.

Regarding boredom - here are many possibilities:
Creative hobbies

An example: A neighbour lost 3 stone over 18 months by stopping arduous starving diets, never being hungry, never eating junk, and being moderately active (housework, walking, yoga).


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  1. One way to keep from being hungry is to eat 6 times per day. Small amounts of course. Eating the standard 3 times per day isn't what the body requires.

  2. frequent #small #meals for #health

    I agree Marty. Best examples are tennis players (though a bit too fit for the likes of us!)

  3. #longevity and #diet / #lifestyle

    Today's news: more studies reporting on the village in Italy that has had more than 100 centenarians.

    The study author summarises:

    But it is what they eat that interests researchers most. Mealtimes are based around the Mediterranean diet of fish, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and olive oil with herbs and spices used to flavour foods instead of salt.

    Most of this article isn't new, but using herbs (particularly Rosemary) in place of salt sounds like a good idea.

    I hope readers will remember this - Rosemary as a symbol relates to Remembrance !! "Dew of the Sea"



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