Tuesday, 1 March 2016

grape enriched diet linked to better eyesight

grape enriched diet linked to better eyesight. Phytochemicals reducing oxidative stress! Eating grapes may be associated with improved eye health, according to a study conducted at the University of Miami's Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

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grapes for healthy eyesight
 The study, published in the journal Nutrition, showed natural components in grapes that help promote antioxidant activity preserved the retina's structure and function against harmful oxidative stress.

 Oxidative stress is linked to degeneration of the retina which can lead to severe vision impairment. This disease has affected millions in the U.S.

 The group consuming the grape‐enriched diet retained retinal thickness, the number of photoreceptors and photoreceptor activity, despite the oxidative stress insult. In the non‐grape consuming group, retinas were damaged with a large reduction in thickness.

diet for healthy eyesight Photoreceptors decreased 40% and there was a significant drop in photoreceptor activity. "Adding grapes to the diet actually preserved retinal health in the presence of oxidative stress in this study," said lead investigator Dr. Abigail Hackam.

 "These results are very exciting and build on the growing evidence that suggests a very real benefit for grape consumption and eye health.” full story: http://bascompalmer.org/


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