Friday, 18 March 2016

Obesity and Arithmetic

An acquaintance of mine drinks semi-skimmed cows' milk rather than unsweetened soya "because of the fat"!! She believes that she is making a choice that improves her health.
obesity facts - healthiest countries

I've tried to start a fact-based conversation, several times, but her response is patronising, overbearing and admits no discussion (power complex, bullying, denial, ... ?).

A sad state of affairs, but not uncommon. An adult discussion would clearly converge onto determining what the facts are. Here they are:

semi skimmed cows milk
total fat 2% (saturates 1.3%, unsaturated 0.7%
sugar (lactose) 4.6%
fats + sugar 6.6%
US obesity denial

Unsweetened soya milk
total fat 1.8% (saturates 0.3%, unsaturated 1.5%)
sugar 0.6%
fats + sugar 2.4%

The difference is stark!

It is frustrating that a story in someone's mind takes precedence over fact-based understanding.

It is more frustrating that an (unconscious?) urge to "be right" (dominate?) drives them.

It is even more frustrating that this is commonplace.

Obesity is a serious problem in the west, and getting worse. I hope that someone benefits from knowing the facts.


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pete said...

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