Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Piano Lessons - Beginners

Piano Lessons For Beginners - Lesson 1

Piano Lessons - Beginners

A leisurely introduction for complete beginners to piano playing.

Take your time! Subsequent lessons build on this foundation.


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  1. #pianolessons Innerviews: Melodious life rooted in legacy of #music and song piano lessons news

    In praise of music:

    “I don’t remember there ever being an absence of music. Mom taught music classes with a friend at church.

    She was always playing the piano, always. We had a basket of West Virginia-type folk instruments by the piano.

    I would play those while she was at the piano. My brother is two years younger and is very musical as well.

    “Friends would come over and bring their guitars and they would sit outside and play and sing.

    “Everything was a song. We sang in the bath.

    You sang as you got dressed in the morning.

    We’d hike and sing through the woods.

    We’d go to the grocery store and sing about the groceries.

    We’d sing in the car.


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