Tuesday, 1 March 2016

rainbow of fruit and veg for perfect diet - phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals

rainbow of fruit and veg for perfect diet - phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals.

rainbow of balanced complete diet

 Eating a rainbow of colour is an energizing way to add more vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals to our diets.

 While supplements and energy drinks can add vitamins and minerals, we cannot come close to getting the thousands of phytochemicals found in colourful fruits and vegetables. via wellbeing news

full story: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/features/3958821-nutrition-eat-rainbow-fruits-and-veggies-better-health

 N.B. The rainbow diet of fruit and veg is CHEAPER than junk food. Education overcomes poverty in the realm of diet.

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#healthyfood news - Anti-inflammatory diet could boost #bone health, prevent fractures in #women healthy food news

Anti-inflammatory diets - which tend to be high in vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains - could boost bone health and prevent fractures in some women, a new study suggests.

"By looking at the full diet rather than individual nutrients, these data provide a foundation for studying how components of the diet might interact to provide benefit and better inform women's health and lifestyle choices," said Jackson, who is national chair of the Women's Health Initiative steering committee.

Women with the least-inflammatory diets had lower bone mineral density overall at the start of the study, but lost less bone than their high-inflammation peers, the researchers found.

"The lower bone density to start could be because women with healthier diets are more likely to be of a smaller build, Orchard said. Larger people have higher bone density to support their larger frames." This supports the idea that load bearing exercise will strengthen bones.