Wednesday, 13 April 2016

beware #HealthyFood misinformation

 It is really important to find source materials rather than 'blogging for profit' articles when planning a healthy diet ...


"vegetarian foods are not a great source of protein."


I'm not a vegetarian, but the 2 most concentrated forms of protein in my kitchen  are both vegetarian:

Textured soya protein: 50% protein

Wheat gluten: 80% protein.

Some conclusions from a scientific study

Protein-rich vegetable-based meat substitutes might be generally accepted as meat alternatives for individuals on special diets.

 The type of protein used to manufacture these products determines the total content of purines, which is relatively higher in the case of mycoprotein or soybean protein, while appearing lower in wheat protein and egg white-based products.

 These are therefore more suitable for dietary considerations in a low-purine diet for hyperuricaemic subjects.

If you have been misled by 'advice' on the internet, social media is a powerful tool for alerting others to the danger.


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  1. Not all #proteins are equal, as far as #arthritis and gout are concerned. Beware articles that copy and paste inaccurate simplifications.


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