Thursday, 12 May 2016

Build a bird box for native bird conservation

How to make a birdbox

bird box designAn experienced woodworker shows how to build your own smart bird box.

birdbox design to benefit wildlife

birdbox with woodpecker protection

Sussex (UK) Wildlife Trust member, Laura Brook, explains the pros and cons of different bird box designs and materials for several wild bird species.


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Marty Downs said...

The metal around the opening is a good idea. I can't have a Wren house unless the opening is protected in some way. The Wren house I made from a hard plastic ball also works well!

pete said...

I like the #bird box with a camera in!

wildlife conservation said...

Eritrea: Call for #Conservation of #Forests conservation news

Asmara — Captain Yirgaw Kahsai, heads of Forestry and Wildlife Supervision branch, underlined that forests have a pivotal contribution in augmenting biodiversity and called on the public to step up participation in promoting the culture of planting trees and ensure their conservation.

garden DIY said...

A huge collection of garden building projects using natural materials.


Raised beds using willow appeal to me. Willow grows very well in most of Cornwall; most of England, in fact - anywhere wet and mild.