Saturday, 21 May 2016

Capital for 21st Century

Imagine:  education, hope, psychology and sharing in the global economy

An excellent book, and I hope it gives me a complete picture of what is really going on in the world of money and business, and the bloody corporate matrix.

I refer of course to

Thomas Piketty -Capital in the Twenty-First Century

 a book based on facts, to counter the nonsense spoken by vested interests.

Thomas Piketty -Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Very recently I was subjected to 2 supposedly educated, supposedly adult people ranting at each other about `right wing versus left wing politics - and it reminded me of the school playground.

 The most vociferous were always the least informed and most one-sided.

So, it is such a treat to find a very able economist with plenty of human resources to assist him making the most of digital technology to provide us with data and diagrams in a comprehensible book.

It is very clear that inequality is increasing and that capital and power is concentrating in fewer families / dynasties / corporations.

Equally, tinkering with tax rates and tax evasion won't magically create a responsible population willing to further their own education and unlearn helplessness.


 books, economics, education, hope, matrix, psychology, freedom

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#Capital for 21st Century
Imagine:  #education #hope #psychology #sharing in the global #economy


  1. Pete, do you have a room for rent? I'll be leaving America if Donald trump becomes Prez. The fact that he is the conservative candidate shows how brain dead Americans have become. You should be worried as well. A dolt in charge of the world's largest military force is nothing to laugh at. The mayor of London has it right about Trump. Listen to some of his stupidity on Youtube. Be very worried my friend..I am!

  2. if #Trumpenstein wins the Presidential auction - Mass exodus planned from Untidy States of America

    Better than that, Marty - I have a Cabin at the bottom of the garden :)


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